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Toddler Program

Children must be 2 years old before April 1, 2017 to enter our 2017-18 Toddler Program. Our Toddler Program is a true transition and separation program for parent and child. One parent must attend with the child until separation occurs.

The five-day morning program is for our younger age group with birthdays from December, 2014 through March, 2015. Children attend Monday through Friday from 8:30 - 11:00 a.m.

The five-day afternoon program is for our older children with birthdays from July through November, 2014. Children attend Monday through Friday from 12:30 – 3:00 p.m.

Student placement will be dictated by birthday. There will be no exceptions.

The Toddler Program includes indoor and outdoor activities designed to focus on helping each child build a sense of community and self. Children flow between the classroom and yard to various learning centers that engage their small and large motor muscles as they develop language skills.

Important Dates

December 1, 2016

Application deadline for 2017-2018 school year

October through January

Interviews with parents only

February 9, 2017

CEE emails admissions decisions

The Toddler Program is both a transition to a school setting as well as means to further a healthy separation between parent and child. Successful separation transfers the child’s trust from family to school. The results are a happier first experience in autonomy for the child and a sense of security for the parent. Morning Toddler group represents the younger birthdays in the class while Afternoon group is comprised of the older children.

The Toddler Day

The Toddler day centers around learning to meet individual interests and needs while learning to live in a group or community.

The day begins with playtime on the Toddler Yard. Parents are encouraged to stay with their children until each child is comfortable with their parent’s leaving. There is a Parent Lounge across from the Toddler classroom for parents who wish or need to wait until their child is comfortable with the parent’s departure until dismissal.

In their classroom, toddlers experiment with art materials, choose from activity centers that house blocks, dolls, trucks, dress-up clothes and more. Learning how to sit in a group, listen to a story or learn about the seasons or days of the week are challenging activities for a toddler. Circle time is a very important time for the child and the teacher, who remains conscious of each child’s developmental stage.

Even learning to sit for snack, serve yourself and use the restroom are critical activities in the toddler day. At The Center, toddlers may enter using diapers. There is no toileting requirement or timetable during this year. Neither morning nor afternoon session includes naptime. Parents are advised to begin adjusting the child’s nap schedule well before school begins in September.

By dismissal, there is joy in the air as children greet eager parents. Every day is filled with new adventures and a measure of achievement in the Toddler program at CEE.

Toddler Introduction Class

This class is offered as two one-week sessions during the month of July. The program is conducted with a Parent and Me model for two hours, giving children entering the program an opportunity to become familiar with his/her new school while allowing parents to socialize and discuss parenting issues with other parents. The Toddler team keeps the same schedule as that of the school year to further help children acclimate to the program. It is our hope that this short introduction to school helps children more readily separate during the fall. Please note this class is only offered to current students.

For more information about the curriculum in our Early Childhood Program, click here.

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