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Head's Welcome

Dear Friends,

Welcome! I am so pleased that you are visiting us online to learn about The Center for Early Education. I invite you to visit our campus in person to learn even more about our mission, programs, and community.
Since our beginnings in 1939 as a playgroup that valued and respected the notion of childhood, our rich past has always helped to inform our future. We were founded on child-centered principles, which remain our guideposts to this day. We believe encouragement and understanding in a child’s early years fosters the development of healthy adults. Our founders’ respect for the inner world of a child remains a priority for us today. Our dedicated and exceptional student-centered faculty believes this approach leads to joyful learning that will help to shape our students for the rest of their lives.Our core values of caring, inclusion, responsibility and honesty, as well as our dedication to joyful, life-long learning, are not merely slogans for us. From our toddler and early childhood programs to our elementary school and our extracurricular and summer programs, our developmentally appropriate curriculum becomes increasingly challenging over time. We believe that this approach provides our students with the opportunity to realize their own talents and fulfill their potential.

We benefit from our school’s broad socio-economic and culturally diverse family makeup which mirrors the community that we’re in. We foster and promote a supportive, respectful and inclusive learning environment. We also strongly believe that a child’s school experience is deepened through service to others. The Center’s commitment to serving our local and global community partners is an integral part of our mission that instills in our students a strong sense of compassion and caring for others.

Our steadfast adherence to these values over the decades has helped our students and our community thrive. The remarkable leadership of Reveta Bowers, The Center’s former Head of School who retired in 2016 after 44 years of service at the school, has inspired us to continue to innovate and remain on the learning edge.

The school-home partnership that we foster at The Center is an important component of who we are and it is as strong today as it was in 1939. We fully believe that our relationship with our families is a true partnership, and we seek families who wish to be actively involved in the daily life of our school. Both students and parents form lifelong friendships here!

One constant in education is change, and it is our responsibility as a school to thoughtfully adapt to the evolving landscape. While we may not be able to fully predict what that landscape will look like in the future, we strive to prepare our students to be flexible, creative thinkers who can take on any challenge that comes their way. Over the next few years, The Center will undergo major enhancements on our campus and in our classrooms. These investments in our future will help to usher in an exciting and unprecedented new phase for The Center and our community, and I can assure you that our values and principles will—as they always have—continue to guide us forward.

I look forward to welcoming you to our campus.

Mark A. Brooks
Head of School