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Alumni Community Service Awards

The CEE Alumni Community Service Award is overseen by The Center’s Alumni Council, which continues to seek new ways to maintain and strengthen the connection between CEE and its alumni. Applicants will be asked to submit a proposal for a community service project they plan to work on during summer break. This year, we're celebrating 10 years of the award by granting five (5) $1,000 stipends for alumni to put towards summer community service projects.

CEE Alumni (meaning anyone who graduated from The Center or left in good standing after one year) who are currently in grades 7-12.

Application Review and Award Selection:
A Community Service Grant committee, comprised of CEE Alumni Council members, will review all applications. Council members who have children who are eligible for the grant will not be allowed to serve on the grant committee nor will they be allowed to vote. Applications will be kept anonymous by the CEE’s Alumni Office. The Alumni Community Service Award Review Committee is comprised of five Council members who will first select two applications for final consideration. The Committee will then engage in a discussion after which the deciding vote will be cast. During this process, an interview (in person or by telephone) may be requested.

The Grant recipient will be notified in May.

Post Project Follow-up:
The Grant recipient will be required to write an essay or prepare a presentation detailing their volunteer service and how it bettered the community and themselves. The essay or presentation may be published in a CEE newsletter and/or sent to all donors of the Grant fund.

Use of Funds:
Grant recipients will be awarded $1,000 in the form of a stipend. This money may be used to fund a project or to provide monetary support for the awardee while they are volunteering. In the event the Grant is no longer awarded, the Alumni Council will plan another way to use the funds to benefit the alumni community.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at alumni@cee-school.org.