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Where Are They Now?

Q&A's with alumni

See these Q&As below to get a closer look at what some of our alumni have been up to since they graduated from The Center.

Sean Lubens, Class of 1994

Where did you go to school after The Center?
I attended Harvard-Westlake for middle and high school and Harvard University for my undergraduate degree. I received my MBA from Stanford University.

What do you do now?
I've worked in business and corporate development for various media companies (The Walt Disney Company and Electronic Arts). I also worked for a couple of years at an investment bank but now I work on the content planning team at Netflix, where I focus on our global series such as Stranger Things and Narcos.

Are you still involved at The Center?
Yes! I got involved with the Alumni Council once I moved back to Los Angeles after college. I wanted to make sure that this special place has a long future ahead of it and remains supported by its alumni community. I've been a member of the Alumni Council for five years now and in 2016 I become co-chair.

Gabriella Nourafchan, Class of 2001

Where did you go to school after The Center?
After I graduated in 2001, I attended Harvard-Westlake and then went to the University of Pennsylvania. After undergraduate, I came straight back to sunny California and attended UCLA law school.

What do you do now?
I've been working at Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp as a litigator in their intellectual property and litigation groups. My practice focuses on entertainment disputes.

Are you still involved at The Center?
The Center has always held a very special place in my heart so getting involved with the Alumni Council just felt right. When I moved back to Los Angeles after college, I joined the Alumni Council and I became co-chair in 2016. I've been working to try to engage younger alumni.

Class Notes

Craig Juda, Class of 1987

As an alumni/ current parent of CEE, I watched my son receive his sixth grade diploma from Reveta. After 20 years in finance as an institutional trader, I am on a new journey, creating a cutting edge-group fitness journey for both children and adults to collectively improve their bodies, minds, and souls. I continue to work with the CEE alumni group and if anyone wants to grab a coffee to see the campus, let me know and we can set it up with staff.

Joanna August Morley, Class of 1993

After graduating from CEE in 1993, Joanna attended Harvard-Westlake and went on to Columbia University where she graduated in 2003. She moved back to LA in 2004 and worked in entertainment for five years before starting her own dress line with a focus on bridal, Joanna August, in 2009 (joannaaugust.com).

Joanna currently lives in LA, just one block from where she grew up, with her husband, Brent, and their two boys, Sam and Jake, and their often forgotten dog, Quincy.

Joanna and her sister, Erica, served as co-chairs for the CEE alumni committee for four years. Her son Sam is now in the toddler program at CEE at the school so it has all come full circle! Joann is pictured with her family at the CEE carnival.

Morgan Mallory, Class of 1995

After graduating from CEE as part of the Class of 1995, Morgan attended the Brentwood School and thereafter matriculated to the University of Pennsylvania where she earned her BA in Diplomatic History. Morgan attended law school at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles where she earned her JD, and she is now a practicing lawyer in the Los Angeles area.

Morgan married Kevin Orth in October of 2016. She is pictured with her brothers (from left to right, all CEE graduates) Cody Boulware, Austin Boulware, and Ryan Mallory, on her wedding day.

Nathan Ament, Class of 1998

Nate graduated from Washington University in St. Louis and moved back to Los Angeles to begin working at CAA. After two years in the TV packaging department, Nate switched over to Paradigm Talent Agency where he worked as a talent trainee. Nate recently made the move to the creative side and is now the VP of film and television development for Judith Regan's publishing company Regan Arts.

Danielle Valner, 1999

Danielle returned to CEE in 2014 and has been teaching 5th Grade Math and Social Studies over the last two years. She feels lucky to be working at the school that instilled a love of learning in her from an early age.

Trini Rios, Class of 2003

In 2013, Trini graduated from the University of Southern California and went on to work at the Creative Artists Agency Foundation. Last year, she transitioned into a new role at REDF, a venture philanthropy organization that invests in social enterprises. Trini has remained in Los Angeles and recently moved to the View Park community. in the Photo: (L to R: Trini Rios '03, Spencer Suk '04, Nick Okano '04, Lyric McHenry '04)

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