Let's Play!

Instrumental Music Registration Form

Let’s Play is a school-year long instrumental music program that includes a 30-45 minute small group lesson on Mondays. Students in 1st-6th grade may take violin lessons and 3rd – 6th graders may take Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet or Percussion. Intermediate and Advanced students also have one morning ensemble rehearsal each week. There will be an all orchestra concert in May and several performance opportunities throughout the school year.

Parents will need to assist and encourage students to practice each week and to remember to bring their instrument and music to all lessons/rehearsals. Students need to have an instrument. We can recommend some places where you can rent, lease-to-own or buy instruments. CEE will bill families, along with any other After School Programs, in 3 increments (Fall, Winter, Spring) of $255 for beginners and $350 for Intermediate and Advanced students.

*instruments can be bought or rented or leased to own at www.stringseason.com, McCabe’s Music or other music stores.​​​