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Why Contribute

Everyone at CEE can make a difference by giving time, talents, and financial support.

"To give away money is an easy matter. But to decide to whom to give it and how large and when and for what purpose is no easy matter at all." - Aristotle

What does tuition cover?
Tuition covers 76 percent of the cost of a Center education. The remaining 24 percent must come from contributions and income generated by the school's endowment and investments. In an effort to keep tuition increases as manageable as possible, we rely on the generosity of our parents, grandparents, alumni and foundations.

Why not raise tuition and forget about contributions?
Independent school tuitions in most cases are already high. Keeping tuition as affordable as possible allows CEE to attract families who may not otherwise consider an independent school education for their children. Economic diversity is one way, along with ethnic, racial and lifestyle diversity, that our school family can mirror the world beyond the classroom walls.

How can working parents volunteer in meaningful ways?
Another form of diversity at CEE is in the many configurations of working families and the way they balance careers with raising children. So we offer a variety of options for volunteering, from services that require short-term commitments to projects that are more like part-time jobs! Virtually all of our parents, and many of our grandparents and alumni, find an opportunity that fits their schedule and interests. We've had so much help for so long at The Center that, frankly, we couldn't do all that we do without our wonderful volunteers.

How can I make a difference?
The term philanthropy comes from the Greek meaning "loving people". And that's a good thing. So the next time you're asked to make a gift, or the next time you do the asking, remember that we all can make a difference. To help with your decisions about giving, we offer the following for your consideration:

Ways to Give

Annual Fund Drive

As a crucial supplement to tuition, AFD dollars fund curricular materials, computers and exciting state-of-the-art technology, professional development for faculty and staff, and financial aid for qualified students.

The AFD begins at the start of each school year in September. Many of our supporters increase their gifts by qualifying for matching from their employers.

CEE has gratefully acknowledged 100 percent participation by our current parents in the AFD for the past several years. In addition, participation by grandparents, alumni, and parents of alumni continues to grow. Donors to the AFD are recognized in The Center's Annual Report and in other publications.

A variety of giving levels encourage donors to participate with a gift that is meaningful to them. And AFD gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

So why wait? Give the gift of an excellent education to over 500 children and their teachers, who will turn your generosity into a full year of learning.

The CEE Gala

Each spring, CEE hosts a gala to raise funds for the school’s educational programs. Every year there is different theme, and every year it is a hit! This beloved event is a favorite for many CEE parents, grandparents and alumni, who come to enjoy the company of other CEE community members and have a blast shopping, dining, and dancing into the night all the while doing something wonderful for the school!

The Leading from the Center Capital Campaign

Over the years, our capital campaigns have raised funds for the construction of two new instructional buildings, underground parking, renovations to existing facilities, and the furnishings that created state-of-the-art science labs, art and music studios and a 700-seat Community Center.

Donors to capital projects understand that exceptional teaching must take place with excellent tools, including classrooms that accommodate the latest technology as well as enough space to sprawl on the floor to read.

The Leading from the Center Campaign is designed to support The Center's $75 million Campus Enhancement Plan that will create the physical and virtual spaces that CEE needs in order to foster the innovation and design thinking that modern education requires. The Campus Enhancement Plan will be completed in 2020.

The Opportunity Fund
CEE is an urban school. Playgrounds are on the roofs. Our buildings are tall and compact. We need to think like city dwellers, so CEE maintains an Opportunity Fund for donors who understand that the right real estate purchase at the right time may never come again. Gifts to the Opportunity Fund are restricted to property purchase or development and accompanying costs.

For the Future...Endowment

CEE established its endowment in 1994 and continues to encourage donors to consider making a gift for today AND tomorrow. When you make an endowment gift, you are stipulating that your gift will remain intact but that CEE may use all or a portion of the returns it generates through prudent investment. The Center's Board of Trustees takes your mandate very seriously and has set policies in place to put a portion of your gift returns to work for the school while reinvesting a portion to protect the future value of your gift.

CEE offers a number of endowment fund alternatives, including an Unrestricted Endowment Fund as well as named restricted endowment funds for donors considering gifts of six-figures or more.

We also offer the Alumni Community Service Endowment which recognizes CEE's secondary school alumni and their exemplary community service projects. Contributions of any size, from anybody, will increase the value of this award and its impact on service to the community beyond our schools.

Endowment donors are recognized in publications and on permanent campaign plaques as determined by the Trustees.

To find out more about CEE's endowment, contact the Advancement Office.

Because You're Passionate...Restricted Funds

Sometimes donors have a passion. It might be hard-working teachers, music or art, or helping a needy student. We invite donors with a particular interest to discuss their passion with the Head of School and/or the Director of Advancement. If a special interest enhances or extends CEE's curriculum, we are more than happy to work with you on a restricted gift.

To learn more contact our Advancement Office.

Ensure a Future for Our Students...Gift Planning

Thanks to supporters like you, we can continue to focus on the quality education that we offer to students in a supportive, inclusive, respectful and diverse environment. You can show your support with a gift today and witness the benefits of your generosity, or you can arrange a gift for after your lifetime. Both offer you appealing tax and financial benefits and will be a difference to CEE students for generations to come.

Please contact us to discuss planned giving options.