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Children's Programs

Helping children to find joy in the learning process is central to our mission. Our curricular programs, from toddler through sixth grade, are designed with students’ developmental ages and stages in mind, so that we can meet children where they are and nurture them as they grow.

Early Childhood

At The Center, a child's first year starts on the Toddler playground. As students move through the Early Childhood Program, they learn how to play with others, participate in a group, select a learning center, use a cubby, and serve themselves a snack. The curriculum is play-based and developmentally appropriate, with socialization and learning through exploration and discovery at the core of every classroom and outdoor space.

Elementary School

Starting in our all-day kindergarten, the academic world opens up to reveal its many wonders: literature and journal-writing, patterns in the daily calendar, the mysteries of the rainforest and phases of the moon, as well as expressing oneself through drawing, song, and physical movement. The core curriculum spirals throughout the Elementary Program, introducing, reinforcing, and reintroducing concepts with increasing levels of rigor in mathematics, language arts, social studies, and science. The use of technology is guided by curricular goals so that children’s studies are deepened and extended in a wide variety of ways. Complementing this core curriculum are the special subjects of art, music, physical education, and library. These specialist areas often integrate their projects with the core subject areas.

Extended Day

Supplementing the core curriculum and special subjects of the regular school day is The Center’s After School Program. Does your child want to play the violin or trumpet? CEE has an instrumental music program. Is your child a budding actor? Then he or she can try Lullaby of Broadway. Is he or she an aspiring chef (or just likes to eat)? There are cooking class available. Chess, volleyball, yoga and beyond—after school is the time to spread those wings.

The Center also offers Extended Daycare before and after school. Daycare is perfect for working parents as well as for the child who wants to have a convenient play date with friends. There are always plenty of activities, seasonal parties, outdoor games and quiet corners for those who want to draw or read. There is also a supervised "study hall" for children who want to do homework.