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Toddler Program

The Toddler Day

The Toddler day centers around teaching children to meet their individual interests and needs while also interacting successfully as part of a group. The day begins with playtime on the Toddler yard where children engage in a wide variety of activities, such as water play, painting, and more.

Parents are encouraged to stay with their children until each child is comfortable with his or her parent’s departure. There is a Parent Lounge conveniently located near the Toddler classroom for parents who wish to wait there until dismissal.

In their classroom, toddlers experiment with art materials, choose from activity centers that house blocks, dolls, trucks, dress-up clothes, and more. Learning how to sit in a group, listen to a story, and learn about the seasons and days of the week are challenging activities for a toddler. Therefore, circle time is a very important experience for the children and the teachers, who remain conscious of each child’s developmental stage.

In addition to the two master teachers in each classroom, a Library Specialist, a Music-Movement Specialist, and a Physical Education Specialist also work with the children.