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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child's grade the grade they are in now or the grade they will be in come Fall 2018?

The grade they will be in come Fall 2018. If your child is entering 6th grade in the Fall, for example, they can take any course listed for 6th graders.

How will my children find their classes?

Students are always supervised. In the morning or between classes we gather on the main yard or in the Community Center and students line up with their teachers for the next class. Teachers walk students to class and then back to the main yard after every class.

Do most of the campers go to CEE during the school year?

No, about 50% of the summer students come from other schools. Even the kids who go to school here during the year are in classes with mixed grades so everyone is meeting new people and making new friends.

My child doesn’t know anyone else going to the camp. Will they feel left out?

We always remind teachers to do some “getting to know you” activities as part of the first few days of class since many students are new to the School, the teacher and other students. We also have teachers and teen helpers keep an eye on students to see who needs some coaxing to join group games or sit with a group at lunchtime.

What is your peanut/nut policy?

Our campus is peanut/nut sensitive. In this day of many extreme allergies we ask that you, or whoever packs your child’s snack and lunch, do not include anything with peanuts or other nuts in it as a precaution.

How do I drop off and pick up my children?

For drop-off you can park in front of the school on Alfred Street, La Cienega Boulevard or Melrose Avenue. Walk your child onto the main yard; the Summer Institute kids gather on the south side of the yard.

Can we change classes?

Given the nature of the classes and anticipated full enrollment this year there will be little opportunity for changing classes. We are happy to work with you to help your child adjust to their classes. If there are extenuating circumstances and any class changes are made there will be a $50 class change fee.

What are my chances of getting into a class from a waiting list?

Most of the time chances are pretty good. If the list is very long or we don’t anticipate being able to accommodate a few more kids we will let you know.

We’ll be away for a week of vacation. Can you prorate our session or can we take a make-up week later?

Sorry, but no, we cannot prorate for time missed. You are taking a place in the class and we base our hiring on class numbers. We also cannot let students make-up classes later as it will be a different session with other students in the class and different projects.

How many students are in your classes?

It varies with the class but generally classes range from 6 to 15 students. Sports, Fun & Games and Center Stage classes are usually larger than that but would have more teachers or Assistants.

Where do the kids eat lunch?

We will be having lunch on our new rooftop playground that has lots of picnic tables with umbrella shade. Campers can bring their own lunch or order from freshlunches.com (ordering will be open at the end of May).

For additional questions and concerns, contact The Summer Institute at summerinstitute@cee-school.org.

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