37th Annual CEE Olympics

The 37th Annual CEE Olympics kicked off on Thursday, May 23 with an exhilarating Opening Ceremonies!
As is tradition every year, the Opening Ceremonies feature each K-6 class with a performance of a global dance. Before the dances begin, the community comes together to say the Pledge of Allegiance, state the CEE Olympic Creed, and hear from community members about the importance of sport and teamwork.

The Kindergarteners kicked things off with their traditional "Birdie" dance, a favorite amongst students and parents alike.

Once the dances concluded, the Olympics were officially opened!

During Day 1 of the Olympics, K-6 students competed in competitions in ball toss, obstacle courses, cup stacking, goal kicking, and more!

Traditionally, Day 2 of the CEE Olympics is held at a local park. 2019 was our last year in the park, since next year our new playfield will be open!

Congratulations to Teams South Korea and Costa Rica for taking home the gold!