Clinton Building Opens September 2019

The newest building in the Campus Enhancement Project will open for the first day of school in September 2019.
Staff and administrators will move into their new offices in the Clinton Building over the summer as Building B is taken down to make way for the new playfield.

When the Clinton Building opens for students in late August, it will feature:
  • Indoor-outdoor, adjoining classrooms for all Early Childhood students
  • A special yard just for Kindergarten students 
  • State-of-the-art classrooms for science, art, and music
  • A designated Early Childhood music room
  • Administrative and staff offices featuring modern furniture and natural light
  • A large, comfortable infirmary with sleeping quarters and bathroom
  • Comfortable waiting areas for visitors and staff
  • Large faculty lounge and kitchen
  • Rooftop play yard featuring climbing wall, adjoining to the La Cienega Building Roof
  • Connections on all levels to Building C
  • New underground parking, expanding CEE's capacity
  • Bike racks and showers
  • Beautiful ground-level and admin reception areas
CEE Community, please check your email in the fall for opportunities to see the Clinton Building!