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Community Service

At the heart of The Center for Early Education’s mission is a commitment to the community beyond the school, and community service is an integral part of the student experience.

The Center firmly believes that learning can be deepened through service to others. By connecting the traditional school curriculum with civic-minded projects, our school attempts to both reinforce academic principals and instill in the children a strong sense of compassion and caring for others.

Community Service Field Trips:

Students have the opportunity to participate in several community service trips during their time as elementary students at CEE. Often organized as part of their multi-aged groups called "Families," students travel to organizations throughout the city with whom CEE has developed partnerships with over the years. From delivering Thanksgiving food to the Blind Children's Center in November, to visiting dear friends at the Watts Senior Center, the school year is marked by these experiences.

Grade Level Projects

Early Childhood

The Caring Place and all EC classrooms incorporate service learning project on the topic of hunger in their curriculum. Their efforts include making soup and baking cookies and breadsticks to be donated to the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition, an important local institution that has been serving the hungry in our area seven days a week since 1987.

The project offers the early childhood students the opportunity to learn and share in the mission of our school. We hope to inspire them to be grateful for what they have and to find joy in sharing with others. These themes of thoughtfulness will continue to be explored througout the children's Center experience.


Kindergarten through sixth grade students experience a curriculum that ties together subject areas such as social studies, reading, and science with various aspects of service. Third graders teach their kindergarten buddies about water conservation throughout the year, exemplifying the connection between a cross-curricular opportunity and collaborative service learning. And other grade levels sponsor drives and events that bring the community together in an effort to provide food, toys, and books to those in need. All along the way, classrooms are filled with rich discussions about what students are doing and why, with the goal being to empower young people to work together in an effort to change the world.


  • School year: Water buddies with third grade – CK and C3 water buddies gather throughout the year to learn about water conservation.
  • May: Quarter Drive for the Rainforest – in conjunction with their rainforest unit, kindergarten students collect quarters to donate to the Rainforest Action Network.
1st Grade
  • January: Stuffed Animal Drive – animals to be donated to One Voice, Edmund Edelman Court, and the Union Rescue Mission.
  • February: Cupcake sale/Birthday In a Box – students assemble birthday boxes for homeless children at PATH using proceeds from a schoolwide cupcake sale.
2nd Grade
  • October: Costume drive – collect gently used costumes for the kids at the Big Sunday Halloween party.
  • Spring: Possible farm to table planting project.
3rd Grade
  • School year: Water project – tied to year-long Social Studies curriculum, 3rd graders learn about the importance of water conservation in the state of California, and share their findings with Kindergarten students.
4th Grade
  • November: BookEnds – sponsor a schoolwide drive to collect books for a Title 1 school in conjunction with our CEE book fair.
5th Grade
  • TBD
6th Grade
  • December: HomeSAFE holiday party – sponsored a schoolwide toy drive for children at HomeSAFE as well as the West Hollywood Sheriff's department. Threw a party for the HomeSAFE recipients on campus during the holidays.
All Grades
  • Service Dog Assembly
  • After School Day of Service