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At CEE, we come together to foster learning and inclusion, build community, and have fun. View our upcoming events below.

CEE "Senior" Prom
November 4, 2018
Community Center

Dinner and Dancing to Live Music

Hosted By: Mark Brooks, Reveta Bowers, Marcia Diamond, Marilyn Diamond, Wendie Dox, Sharyn & Walter Gertz, Jerry & Houri Illoulian, Fay & Frank Mancuso, Sandy Pressman, Ilene & Jerry Sraberg, and Michael & Leslie Zinberg

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Visiting Innovator
Corrinne Okada Takara
Date TBA - Fall

Corinne Takara is a Bay Area artist/arts educator who creates technology integrated art projects. Her public collaborative work explores the use of modern day products to preserve cultural heritage and memory, and honors the colliding and merging stories that arise in rapidly shifting communities. The workshops Takara designs for museums, libraries, K-12 classrooms and colleges foster creative confidence; they encourage us to see ourselves as drivers of culture and technology. By engaging in maker activities taking shape in public spaces, we can share creative ideas that impact our world and increase our collective civic engagement.

Visiting Innovator
Janne Kyttanen
Date TBA

Janne Kyttanen is a digital sculptor creating multidisciplinary work at the intersection of 3D printing, virtual & augmented reality. Kyttanen’s work has been featured in TIME Magazine’s ‘Design 100’, the people and ideas behind the world’s most influential design. He is best known for his revolutionary work with 3D printing and is considered to be one of the most influential artist designers of his generation. Janne currently resides between his two studios in Amsterdam and Los Angeles.

How has 3D printing changed since its inception over 30 years ago? What are some of the latest methods and projects coming out of this exciting area? World-renowned digital sculptor, Janne Kyttanen, will share his approach to his work as well as some of his latest projects with students.