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CEE Celebrates Year of the Dog

On Thursday, February 8th, the CEE community gathered to celebrate Lunar New Year and joyously ring in the Year of the Dog.

At the exciting, colorful celebration, students, parents, and faculty enjoyed arts and crafts, food, and a thrilling lion dance performance by the The Immortals Lion Dance Group. The lion dance symbolizes several different Chinese folklore legends about a mythical beast and the children had a blast running around the Community Center with the lions!

Activity stations included face painting and temporary tattoos for the children, a dog mask coloring area, and a photo booth where kids could try on traditional Korean, Japanese and Chinese clothing and take souvenir photos with family and friends.

The food included dishes from Korea and China such as delicious Chinese dumplings and chow mein noodles, Korean mandu (dumplings), japchae (glass noodles), bulgogi (fire beef), kim bap (Korean style sushi), rice, and kimchi. The feast was catered from Shin Mi Catering and Xian and China Catering, and some was donated by parents as well.

Special thanks to May Kim-Tenser and Kathy Langevin (the co-chairs) and many parents from the Asian American Affinity Association (some who donated not only food items, clothing, and decorations, but also their valuable time).

Happy Lunar New Year from CEE!