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Students Celebrate New Building 'Top Off'

On Friday morning, March 24, students, faculty, staff, and workers at CEE's new building being constructed on La Cienega Boulevard celebrated the 'topping off' of the steel structure. The topping off is a traditional ceremony, dating back to eight-century Scandinavia and still celebrated by steel workers today. The final steel beam of a structure is painted white, signed by the workers and put into place on the building with a US flag and an evergreen tree. The tree typically symbolizes several things for the workers, from recognition that the building has been constructed safely, to the notion that the tree will give life to the building. The ceremony is typically an important milestone in any building's construction.

CEE's Campus Enhancement Plan, which is being managed by MATT Construction, will be completed by early 2020. The building on La Cienega, which is part of the initial phase of new building at The Center, will be completed in December. Among other things, the Campus Enhancement Plan will provide CEE with a 30 percent increase in total square footage, modern, flexible classrooms for todder through third grade students, a new, large turf play field, a new gym and more.

Traditionally, the workers on the project sign the final beam for the topping off ceremony before it is put into place. MATT Construction included CEE as part of the tradition for this project. The school had all of its students, faculty, staff, administrators and trustees sign the beam alongside the workers before it was hoisted into place on Friday morning.

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