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Summer at The Center

CEE Families: Registration Opens on February 12, 2020!

June 15-August 14

Dream and dig in this summer!

Looking for a summer camp program in Los Angeles? Join us for new and expanded summer programs for 1st-6th graders in 2020!

1-week programs: 
June 15-19, June 22-26, June 29-July 2
July 13-17, July 20-24 
August 3-7, August 10-14

3-week programs:
June 22-July 10, July 13-July 31


Registration opens on February 12 for CEE Families and on February 20, 2020 to the public.

Coming Summer 2020 to CEE

and much more!

New This Year! Now Offered at Summer at The Center

    • Camp Shake @ CEE

      Camp Shake @ CEE

    • The Unincorporated Life @ CEE

      The Unincorporated Life @ CEE

    • Otis College of Art and Design @ CEE

      Otis College of Art and Design @ CEE

Summer Camp Information

Information will be updated as available.


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  • Otis College of Art and Design Summer Art Camps @ CEE

    Otis College of Art and Design’s partnership with CEE brings outstanding artists and teachers to Summer at The Center for exciting offerings, including Toy Design Studio, Drawing & Painting, Portraiture, Inventive Environments, Costume & Character Design, Photography and more!
  • The Unincorporated Life @ CEE

    The Unincorporated Life is coming to The Center! This course is the ultimate creative design, marketing, and entrepreneur experience, conveniently located in the CEE Board Room! Don’t miss this opportunity to be an entrepreneur and design your own line!
  • Second City Improv Comedy @ CEE

    Have a blast with learning the basics of improvisational comedy, musical improvisation and sketch comedy from the experts from Second City!
  • Culinary Kids Academy @ CEE

    Learning and laughter are the two main ingredients! Fundamental culinary skills combine with hands-on cooking experiences to make the learning process FUN and delicious! Become a young chef, learning about ingredients, creating recipes, and making your own culinary delights. Each session ends with a CEE Top Chef cook-off!
  • Architectural Design

    Explore the work of famous architects as you explore your own creativity, creating architectural models of your own creation using drafting, scaling, and other real architectural techniques and tools.
  • Cardboard Mania - Make an Arcade Game

    Caine's Arcade started a cardboard building revolution! Here’s your chance to create your own original arcade game to take home!
  • Musical Theater

    Let’s put on Musical! Sing, act, dance, and perform a musical theater production for a large audience in our state-of-the-art theater with professional lights and sound.
  • Shakespeare Theater

    Villains, and fairies and royalty… oh, my! Inhabit  Shakespearian times and characters through movement work, Shakespearian dialog, and stage combat lessons!
  • Super Hero Puppetry

    Superhero puppets? That’s right! Create a superhero puppet and put on a puppet show starring your creation! A fun combination of art, storytelling, and collaboration.
  • Piano, Voice, or Guitar Lessons with Ellen*

    Whether you are a beginner or want to use the summer to improve, sign up for personal for this unique opportunity for individualized attention with CEE Music Teacher, Ellen Gerstell.


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  • Camp S.H.A.K.E. @ CEE (Basketball and Sports Camps)

    S.H.A.K.E. up the summer at CEE and hone your Skills, Heart, Attitude, Knowledge and Excellence. Camp S.H.A.K.E. is a fun and balanced sports-focused program that combines both the physical and mental skills necessary to prepare athletes for performance and competition, in a safe and supportive learning environment. Improve your skills and play lots of games while working with outstanding, nurturing coaches.
  • Gymnastics and Obstacle Courses with Dani Bee

    Professionally trained gymnastics coach Danielle Baker brings her vision of spreading the many developmental benefits of gymnastics to Summer at The Center. Create confidence through cartwheels and so much more! Step by step instruction with positive encouragement and experienced coaching. This class is good for shy beginners as well as experienced students looking to take their cartwheels and handstands to the next level.
  • Skateboarding with Skateside

    Learn to skate in a safe setting with the pros - coaches who are all trained by Lemar Betts for working with kids in a fun and safe manner. Once you have your helmet, wrist and shin guards on, learn to skate ON THE ROOF! Teachers take it slow, giving support until you are ready to roll, eventually skating with ramps and other challenges. This is gonna be fun!
  • Soccer Camp

    Enjoy our new turf field during soccer camp! Run, pass, kick, GOAL! Work on your soccer skills and play games coached by experienced, nurturing coaches. 
  • Volleyball Camp with April*

    Have a blast working on Volleyball fundamentals, tactics and games during this great opportunity to improve self-confidence and enthusiasm for the sport. All levels work to develop a sound skill foundation and to refine and strengthen skills. Receive individual attention and coaching support from an experienced coaching staff.


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Science, Innovation, and Technology

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  • Aviation Robotics - Build a Drone and More

    Fly, fly away! Explore aviation science and learn about what goes into wing designs, propulsion, gravity, jet engines, and motors. Engaging in structured experiments, students will assemble flying machines, including wood planes and AN ELECTRIC DRONE! Students will take home every model they build.
  • Build a Computer with Matt*

    Make your own computer using a special kit, and then program it! This active learning opportunity includes taking apart and assembling a computer, setting the stage for innovation and inquiry. Students will also learn coding, animations, and more!
  • Camp Invention @ CEE

    Have an idea that’s waiting to happen? Love to create and invent? This “inventive” course from the folks at the USA Patent Office Inventors’ Hall of Fame helps students to work through challenges with their inventions, and engage with successful inventors to brainstorm new ideas and designs, and go on to create something unique.
  • eSports

    The athletes of the future are not just on the field. Learn gaming strategies and tactics across multiple platforms. Increase your experience with teamwork, fair competition and good sportsmanship.
  • LEGO Engineering & Robotics

    LEGO mania! Build and program increasingly complex machines and robots with LEGOs.
  • Video Game Design

    Design and modify your own arcade-style video games. Learn how to control characters, objects and outcomes as you increase the difficulty and add more features.

Fun & Games

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  • Chess

    New to chess? Chess stimulates problem-solving skills, analytical skills, and critical thinking. Students will receive exclusive booklets and worksheets, and be awarded certificates, medals, and trophies!. All levels are welcome.
  • Dungeons & Dragons

    Exercise your imagination, make decisions, and see the consequences when playing Dungeons & Dragons, a fantasy role-playing game. In the framework of an enjoyable adventure, use history, mathematics, abstract reasoning, research and group problem-solving to gain success, defeat obstacles, and win ‘treasure’... and along the way there will be laughs and fun.
  • Minecraft

    Play the most popular computer game on the planet! Learn Minecraft building techniques, details of command blocks, and how to change the look of the game. Tackle strategy, team building, and cooperation skills while playing Minecraft in a fun, safe and supervised environment. And not all of Minecraft Camp is done on computers! Join in on outdoor games, building projects, and Minecraft challenges.
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