Summer at The Center (Academics)


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  • Build Your Learning Toolbox with Nicole & Todd*

    Learn more about apps, websites, and ideas for independent learning practice to build your core skills and confidence at your own pace. Explore inspiring features of CEE's subscription sites like Vocabulary-Spelling City (for learning and practicing words across topics and academic subjects)Raz-Kids (for reading pleasure and comprehension across genres), IXL (for Math and Language Arts), Newsela (for reading and learning about national and global current events), and many more. Build your learning toolbox with loads of personal skill-building fun, and learn how to monitor your progress along the way with CEE Elementary teachers Nicole Murphy and Todd Liu.
    June 15-19
    paired with Deep Thinking & Learning Across Genres with Nicole*
    3rd-5th Grade
    9:00am-12:15pm M-F
  • 1st Grade Math Enrichment

    Math games, challenges, and engaging activities for rising first graders to help keep math skills fresh and up-to-date this summer.
    June 22-July 31
    1st Grade
    9:00-10:30am TTh
  • Deep Thinking & Learning Across Genres with Nicole*

    Boost the 4C's of your 21st Century Skills - Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication - with Deep Thinking & Learning Routines guided by Nicole Murphy, CEE Elementary teacher. Take deep dives in reading and literary analysis of high-interest texts across genres. Discover more layers and flavors of your personal reading lenses and writing voices. Have fun creating and sharing in small collaborative groups and building your own writing portfolio that you'll surely want to continue developing after the last class.
    June 15-19
    4th-5th Grade
    1:00-3:00pm M-F

  • 2nd Grade Math Enrichment

    Math games, challenges and engaging activities for rising second graders to help keep math skills fresh and up-to-date this summer.
    June 22-July 31
    2nd Grade
    10:45am-12:15 TTh

  • Best of 1st Grade Language Arts

    Aren’t you so excited about going into first grade? Get a taste of first grade language arts with fun, engaging activities that keep our minds working. Experience highlights of the first grade curriculum while enjoying summer fun at CEE!
    June 22-July 31
    1st Grade
    9:00-10:30am MWF
  • Best of 2nd Grade Language Arts

    Engaging reading and writing activities keep our minds in the game. Language arts with other fun 2nd grade activities round our weeks together as we have fun and prepare for the next school year!
    June 22-July 31
    2nd Grade
    10:45am-12:15 MWF

  • Creative Writing Workshop

    A chance to experiment with creative writing! Students will gather and generate ideas, developing a plan and structure for their writing. Along the way, writers will practice how to revise through multiple lenses and edit carefully. Additionally, students will study mentor texts to expand their understanding of craft, vocabulary, sentence structure and meaning.
    June 22-July 10 and July 13-31
    9-10:30am TTh
    3rd-4th Grade

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  • Introduction to Middle School Debate: Crafting Strong Arguments with Alejandro* (5th-7th Grade)

    Little or no debate experience is required. Learn the structure of crafting and presenting arguments for our 3-person public debate program for middle school. You will learn argumentation, research, and public speaking skills. Also, students will get a chance to practice competitive debating with CEE Elementary teacher and Debate Team coach, Alejandro Gomez-Quiñones. (Students entering grades 5-7; not recommended for advanced debaters)
    June 15-19 and August 10-14
    5th-7th Grades

  • Math Enrichment with CEE Teachers Betsy L. and Karen W.*

    Incoming 2nd and 3rd Graders are welcome to learn with Betsy and Karen in a fun-filled academic setting. We will explore challenging math puzzles, brainteasers, and practice our logical thinking skills. Often times the problems in which we stretch our brains the most end up being the most fun. Through making mistakes, we will feel successful in finding strategies in this collaborative environment.
  • Mathemagic

    Mathemagic combines the exciting skills of magic with math to create an intellectual and entertaining activity that enhances students’ problem-solving skills while having fun! Lots of “lateral thinking” puzzles, when students work individually and in groups. A great class for learning how to think through math challenges in a lighthearted setting.
    June 22-July 10 and July 13-31
    3rd-4th Grades
    9:00-10:30am MWF
  • Reading for Meaning, Writing about what you Read

    Students will engage with a variety of texts, practicing reading comprehension strategies through short stories. Students will read for meaning by analyzing themes, character traits, symbolism and much more. This class will also focus on writing about reading and encouraging students to develop their own ideas about a text.
    June 22-July 10 or July 13-31
    9-10:30am MWF
    3rd-4th Grade

    10:45am-12:15pm TTh
    5th-6th grade
  • Social Justice & Expository Writing with CEE Teacher, Alejandro*

    Learn about and discuss social justice & environmental issues important to young activists. Students will read and learn about the history and activism of a variety of social justice issues. Also, students will learn how to share their knowledge and passion through structured paragraph writing, guided by CEE Elementary teacher Alejandro Gomez-Quiñones.
  • Summer Edition Newspaper

    Join the crew of ace reporters to help create a Summer at The Center newspaper. Report on current events, sports, comics, and conduct interviews, surveys and more. Students will get a taste of journalism while exploring topics of their choosing.
    June 22-July 10 and July 13-31
    10:45am-12:15pm MWF
    4th-6th Grade
*denotes CEE Faculty
The Center for Early Education (CEE) is an independent, co‑ed, day school located in West Hollywood, California.
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Refund Policy: Notification of withdrawals or changes must be made in writing to the Summer Program Director ( For withdrawal prior to May 1, there will be a non-refundable $50 processing fee retained from your camp fee. For withdrawals between May 1 and June 1: for one-week classes; 50% of your fee will be retained and for three-week classes; $500 will be retained. No refunds will be granted after June 1, 2020.
The Center for Early Education, a socio-economically and culturally diverse independent school for children, toddlers through grade six, strives to graduate students who are joyful, resilient, life-long learners. The Center embraces a philosophy of education that combines a nurturing, inclusive learning environment with an increasingly challenging academic program that addresses the developmental needs of each child.