Summer at The Center (Otis)

Otis College of Art & Design at CEE

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  • About Face! Exploring Portraiture from Around the World

    Examining faces in art helps us to understand how people from different cultures and times have viewed themselves. Explore the human face in a wide range of 2D techniques and learn how to draw and construct portraits in many styles while exploring different cultural influences.
  • Art Studio – Inventive Environments

    Draw imaginary environments using line, form, value (light and dark), positive/negative space, and perspective. Using your imagination, create unique "worlds" while exploring physical settings and moods.
  • Cartooning for Kids

    This course gets everyone drawing their own cartoon characters and then dives into techniques for visual storytelling. Students learn approaches to drawing just about anything along with ways to come up with plots and stories for their cartoons by combining character drawings, environments, and dialogue (and sometimes even jokes)!
  • Costume Creation

    From superheroes to princesses, you’ll have fun envisioning and creating your very own costumes! Enhance your imagination by developing and producing your very own design.
  • Create Your Own Toy!

    Discover the amazing world of toy creation while learning how to produce your own toy! Get a sneak-peek into how your favorite toys are designed and created, learn the secrets of toy making, and bring your own idea to life.
  • Drawing & Painting

    In this course, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of drawing and painting while exploring a variety of art mediums and techniques. Focusing on composition, shape, volume, and visual space, students are guided to access their creative voice and develop their own unique personal style.
  • Graphic Design for Kids

    Design is everywhere: on your shoes, on street signs, on the internet. From designing a logo for a favorite sports team, skateboard crew, club, music group, or event to creating posters and more, this hands-on, project-based course will help start you on your way to making some great designs.
  • Imagine Your Dragon

    What would your very own dragon and its world be like? In this course, invent your own personal dragon, envision its imaginative world, and develop an original story. Brainstorm ideas for creating your unique dragon, and then bring your dragon to life and design an imaginative world for your dragon.
  • Making Books

    Ever wonder how books are made? Learn the art of storytelling, paper folding, and how to construct handmade artist books. The course includes experimenting with various techniques, including collage, stenciling, and relief printmaking, and simple to complex folded book structures.
  • Mixing it Up with Mixed Media

    Try your hand at collage, paper mache, and assemblage! Let your imagination go wild with natural and found materials to create your own works of art.
  • Photo Fun!

    Explore taking pictures and the art of photography through low tech & DIY photography techniques such as Pinhole Photography, Cyanotype, Lensless Cameras, and more. Projects may include printing photos with the sun, printing on clothing or fabric, making analog prints from digital images, making cameraless pictures with found objects, and making a photo zine.
  • The Amazing Art of Kirigami

    Explore cutting, tearing, and folding techniques to create beautiful works of art through this very special approach to art-making. Learn about the history of kirigami and how paper plays an important role in Japan.
  • The Story of Me

    Everyone has a story to tell. Develop your personal story through a series of multimedia techniques!
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Refund Policy: Notification of withdrawals or changes must be made in writing to the Summer Program Director ( For withdrawal prior to May 1, there will be a non-refundable $50 processing fee retained from your camp fee. For withdrawals between May 1 and June 1: for one-week classes; 50% of your fee will be retained and for three-week classes; $500 will be retained. No refunds will be granted after June 1, 2020.
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