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School Life

From school-wide assemblies to parent education programs, everything that goes on at The Center for Early Education supports the learning experience of our students. As a diverse, urban school, The Center often serves as a community resource for its constituents and we are always looking for new ways to get volunteers involved and make our campus a hub for all kinds of activities - from helping our community, to professional development for educators, to displaying local organizations’ art. Learn more about what we're about below.

Life at The Center

Events and Assemblies

What family doesn’t want to get together as often as possible? The Center community of students, parents, grandparents and alumni find time throughout the year to celebrate each other. From Monday morning assembly to our school-wide Olympics to Grandparents’ Day, we all love to share with each other what community means.

Monday Morning Assembly

Every Monday morning kindergarten through sixth grade students gather in our Community Center. Announcements for the week are made and children may enjoy special presentations such as a preview of an upcoming service project or a brief musical presentation by a grade level. Children who are celebrating their birthdays that week come up so that they can share their name and age and so that the rest of the school community can shout out "Happy Birthday"!

Book Fair

Each November, this two day event, sponsored by our Parent Association, enables both children and parents to "shop" during the school day. Hundreds of book titles appropriate for our early childhood students as well as for our sophisticated sixth grade readers are available to be purchased. Classrooms each schedule a time to visit the Book Fair. Authors, including Center alumni and parents, are invited to come read their published books to a group of children and sign copies for shoppers.

International Day

International Day celebrates CEE's diversity. It is comprised of two parts: Parade of Nations and International Food Tasting. In the morning, parents and children who choose to participate in the Parade of Nations come dressed in clothes that represent their ancestry or a country that they especially love. The children learn a greeting in their country's language and the festive event ends with a global song that reminds us of our world's connectedness. International Food Tasting is held during lunchtime, and children get to taste foods made by their parents and grandparents that represent many different cultures within the Center community. Children eagerly anticipate this event as they love trying foods from all over the world, from sushi to empanadas!

Art Fair and Open House

In early May, elementary parents are invited to have their children guide them through their classrooms, the children proudly showing their parents all of their projects and written work that is on display. Many classrooms have interactive components, from videos to docent-guided exhibitions. For example, fourth graders proudly display their "Polyhedraville", a city comprised of geometric domes and buildings that the children have created. The square footage and cost of each building have been carefully calculated by the students. After viewing the classroom displays, parents and children love visiting the Art Fair where every elementary child has chosen one piece of art work to be displayed in a gallery-like setting. The artwork is so very impressive, it is always hard to believe that the oldest artist is but twelve years of age.

Grandparents’ and Grandfriends' Day

The Friday before Mothers' Day and the day following the Art Fair/Open House, grandparents and special elders are invited to spend a morning at CEE. After enjoying breakfast and a short program in the Community Center, grandparents visit their grandchildren's classrooms and the Art Fair. The children could not be prouder as they share their work with these very special people in their lives.

CEE Olympics

The Physical Education Department sponsors a two day Olympic program for all elementary students. Opening ceremonies begin with a recital where every grade level performs a dance. Events are held where each grade level is divided into four teams, and children compete only against the other children in their grade. Athletic events such as an obstacle course, the 50 yard dash, basketball toss, and jump roping are held. All kindergarten children receive a ribbon for participating and bronze, silver, and gold medals are awarded to the winning teams in the 1st-3rd grade division as well as the winners in the 4th-6th grade division.


Everyone volunteers at CEE! While there are no requirements for volunteer hours, The Center's families have the fun and satisfaction that comes from actively participating in the school's community.

Whether a parent, or a grandparent, a student or alumnus, volunteerism plays an important role at The Center. From opening car doors in the morning to asking for major gifts to improve the campus, there is a volunteer role to fit each person's interests, abilities and available time.

Click to learn more about our community service activities

Parent Education Events

Each school year, CEE welcomes a number of highly-regarded experts from a wide variety of fields to speak to the members of its community. From issues related to early childhood development, to cyber security and beyond, The Center works to make its campus a place where everyone can learn--including parents and friends!

Visit the calendar for the latest updates on campus-related speakers and events.

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