Innovation & Design at CEE

The Innovation Center, opened in 2013, is a dynamic learning hub for students and teachers to engage in transformative experiences and explore new possibilities through technology and tools.
The Innovation & Design curriculum nurtures big ideas, creativity, collaboration, and self-guided learning across disciplines like coding, digital citizenship, engineering, graphic design, and more! Students of all ages engage in developmentally appropriate units of study facilitated by the Innovation & Design faculty as they expand their experiences in these areas.

Our Innovation Center provides a central community space to bring learning to a new level, dream big, and work together. It serves as an extension of all classrooms as teachers often collaborate with the Innovation team to expand on an existing classroom project or initiative. 

Classes enjoy regular visits to the Innovation Center and experience a developmentally appropriate Innovation & Design curriculum throughout their years at CEE. Elementary grades also participate in the Design Summits program throughout the year.
Please contact Matt Arguello, Director of Innovation, for more information about The Center's Technology curriculum and Innovation Center.
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