After School Athletics Program

The Center’s athletics program helps provide an opportunity for all students to have a safe and enjoyable learning experience in an inclusive environment where they can grow as athletes, teammates, and leaders.
CEE’s school athletic program welcomes all students, regardless of experience, to participate. The program intends to help develop skills and build community and self-esteem.

In addition to experiencing the regular Physical Education curriculum during the school day, Upper Elementary students can participate in extracurricular coed and single-gender basketball, volleyball, flag football, track and field, golf, and soccer teams. Tee-Ball, Tennis, and other physical activities are also regularly offered in the After School Program.
Competitive after-school athletics programs begin in the fourth grade in a developmental league where students are encouraged to participate and try new sports. This approach helps students focus on the process, not the outcome, and build self-confidence.

As students reach sixth grade, they participate in a more competitive league, which prepares them with the skills required for middle school athletics and provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate commitment to the team. 

Our purpose is to support our students by fostering communication skills, adaptability, nurture mental toughness and positive thinking while striving towards a common goal through healthy competition.

For more information about the athletics program, please contact us.
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