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  • Welcome New Faculty and Staff!

    We look forward to welcoming new faculty and staff to our community!
  • Clinton Building Opens September 2019

    The newest building in the Campus Enhancement Project will open for the first day of school in September 2019.
  • Congratulations Class of 2019!

    C6 Graduation was held on June 9, 2019. After weeks of preparation, sixth grade put on their original graduation show, "Welcome to Our School" to the cheers of the crowds full of supportive parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives, friends and teachers.
  • Celebrating Alyce's Retirement!

    Alyce Calder, beloved 3rd grade teacher, retired at the end of last school year after more than three decades at CEE.
  • 37th Annual CEE Olympics

    The 37th Annual CEE Olympics kicked off on Thursday, May 23 with an exhilarating Opening Ceremonies!
  • A Trip Down Memory Lane

    Whether it’s a photo from the 1940s backyard in Hancock Park, a silly mascot costume from the 1990s, or a fundraising pamphlet from the late 1960s, the CEE Archive provides a home for the thousands of historical objects that tell the incredible story of our little school on Alfred Street.
  • Building Emotional Intelligence Through RULER

    In classrooms a generation or two ago, it is unlikely that “emotional intelligence” topped the list of subjects most teachers prioritized for their students. But today, learning how to recognize, express, and explore feelings is a central part of the CEE curriculum as students develop the agility, creativity, and empathy required in the modern world. 
  • Reflections on Social Justice in D.C.

    Every year, the sixth grade travels to Washington D.C., visiting museums and monuments, building confidence and camaraderie, and opening their minds to new experiences along the way.
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