Learning and community are at the heart of everything we do at CEE. 

From school-wide assemblies to parent education programs, daily life at The Center supports our mission of developing lifelong learners in a close, supportive community.
As a diverse, urban school, The Center campus is a hub for all kinds of activities. From community cultural events to beloved traditions, coming together to celebrate and learn is intentionally woven into the rich fabric of school life.

Life at CEE


Simply put, CEE cannot be the special place it is for children and families without the active support of its broad community. At The Center, every family is directly involved in lending its support to the school community in some way. From opening car doors at carpool in the morning, to contributing time and energy to organizing events, to making a meaningful contribution to the Annual Fund Drive, the entire community supports the tradition to ensure that CEE remains a vibrant, strong institution, now and for generations to come. 


Elementary students enjoy a meaningful cross-age experience in their CEE "Families" - 26 groups of at least two children from each grade level, kindergarten through sixth grade. Although every Family is facilitated by faculty and staff members, sixth grade students hold leadership roles within their Families, which meet approximately six times a year and participate in activities such as playing games, community service, and sharing ideas about conflict resolution strategies, friendship, and family rituals. Every Family participates in the Whole School Day of Service together each year too.

Parent Education

CEE has a long tradition of Parent Education, bringing in experts and speakers on the latest in parenting and child development. Each year, psychologists, authors, physicians, educators, and researchers visit The Center to engage with parents and teachers on the best practices in parenting and education.

Morning Assembly

Every Friday morning kindergarten through sixth grade students gather in our Gym for a student-led Assembly. Students and teachers make announcements and share various student projects each week. Assemblies usually open by ringing the meditation bowl as the community engages in a moment of mindfulness together.

School Nurse

The Center's Infirmary is a welcoming place for any child who feels ill or needs medical attention during school hours or during before- or after-school care. Our school nurses are on duty all day when students are on campus and serve as community educators in matters of health and wellness.

Lunch Program

Students in EC1 through sixth grade may order a hot lunch or bring their own lunch. The Center offers pizza lunches on Friday for students from EC1 through sixth grade. Proceeds from some Friday lunches typically fund the sixth grade graduation celebration at the end of the year.
The Center for Early Education, a socio-economically and culturally diverse independent school for children, toddlers through grade six, strives to graduate students who are joyful, resilient, lifelong learners. The Center embraces a philosophy of education that combines a nurturing, inclusive learning environment with an increasingly challenging academic program that addresses the developmental needs of each child.