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After School Program

Spring Registration will open on Tuesday, March 26 at 10:00 AM

View Spring Class Descriptions

If you have trouble getting through online, please email Susan at mccarthys@cee-school.org and state your preferences. We will try to handle all registrations in the order they are received.

After School Classes are an opportunity for your child to participate in extracurricular activities here at The Center. Classes are taught by CEE faculty, as well as professionals from outside the school. Sessions are offered three times a year. Most classes are held from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. A few classes run for 2 or 3 terms: Let’s Play/Instrumental Music, Debate and Acapella Choir (all year), Lullaby of Broadway (2 terms).

All students (K-6) who have an After School class on a particular day will be supervised at carpool time until the class teacher picks them up (EC2 students will be picked up from their classrooms). The teacher will give the students a snack and then begin class. In some cases the snack will be served at the end of class. If your child gets particularly hungry in the afternoons, is on a special diet or is a picky eater you may want to pack an extra snack in their backpack.

We make every effort to offer several different kinds of classes per day for each grade level. You will notice that some popular classes are offered every term and others may only appear for a term or two. Prices vary depending on materials fees or due to number of days in the term or more expensive programs from outside companies.

How to Register


Review the class descriptions and pick your programs.

  1. Click on any REGISTER ONLINE link on this page and/or sign into MyBackPack.
  2. Under “My Profile” click “Program Registration”.
  3. If your child has been registered for any After School Classes this school year, then scroll down and click “Add or Modify Courses/Programs” for the child you are ready to register.
  4. If this is your first After School Program registration, of this school year, please click the link on the page that says AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM. Choose your child's name in the drop-down menu. (Do not start a new account. It will slow down your registration).
  5. Click “select course”.
  6. Make your selections. If a class is full you can be placed on a waiting list. Choose an alternative class if you would like.
  7. On the first night of registrations, you will NOT see immediately if your child is in the class or put on the waiting list. You will be e-mailed by the next day if your child is on a waiting list.
  8. BE SURE YOU CLICK SUBMIT! And also make sure that you get an e-mail saying we received your registration. If you do not get that e-mail them your registration did not go through yet. Try again and/or wend an e-mail to Susan McCarthy at mccarthys@cee-school.org so we know what time you were trying to get through.
  9. All class changes should be made by the school-day before the second class for all terms.

Class Withdrawal & Billing Policy

You will be billed for the classes in which your child is registered.

All changes should be made by the school day before the second class.

Other Information

Pick Up: Pick up is at 4:30 p.m. or whenever the class is scheduled to end. Parents, babysitters or whoever picks up must sign out with the class teacher. They must be on your pick-up list or send in a note that day. Children not picked up at the end of class will be signed-in to Day Care and billed accordingly.

Class Lists: You can see if your child is in a particular class by going into your backpack account, click child’s name and if it says “Scheduled” then your child is in the class. If it says “Pending” then your registration has not gotten to us. Click “Submit” again. If it says “Submitted” then we have the registration but it has not been processed yet. Class lists are posted in the EC hall starting a few days after registration begins and updated every few days.

Waiting Lists: When a class is full a waiting list will be kept. If a space in the class becomes available, the first child on the list will be offered the spot and on down the line in order. Children who do not get into a class will have priority registration for the next term for that same class. This is contingent on the class being offered and the registration being submitted during the first 2 days of registration.

Nursery Parents: You may want to coordinate the after school classes with those days your child is in school until 3:15 p.m.

Rainy Days: Programs which are held outdoors will have alternate plans for rainy days.

Canceled Classes: If a class is canceled due to instructor illness, we will try to notify parents ahead of time through e-mail. However, when it happens at the last minute we will take the children into Day Care for the class time and you will not be charged for Day Care. In addition, you will be notified of a make-up class plan.