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The CEE Library is located on the second floor of the upper elementary building and is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Our beautiful facility provides resources to support the school curricula, children’s literary interests and information needs of the Center community. The collection includes a large assortment of continually updated current and classic children's fiction and nonfiction, a parent-teacher resource center, digital and CD audiobooks, eBooks, a DVD collection, and a wide range of children's and adult periodicals.

Twenty laptop computers, thirty iPads and three workstations are also available as well as a collection of online reference sources including World Book Encyclopedia, and three subscription databases.

Our library staff can provide reading suggestions as well as guidance in locating material in the library. Our large array of book lists provides the CEE community with recommended reading on a great number of topics. We encourage parents to enjoy the library with their children before and after school.

Starting in early childhood, classes visit the library to discover the exciting world of reading! In the early years, students explore books and participate in a variety of art, craft, music, theatrical and technology based activities that enrich the stories being read.

The Library and Information Science Curriculum begins in grade two, and incorporates both traditional library experiences and those that help children develop skill in information management, including organization of information systems, information retrieval and the evaluation of information.

The Library Program

Preschool children in EC1 and EC2 come to the library's Storybook Room to hear and discuss literature once every three days. Elementary children visit the Library for forty-five minute sessions every six days to explore various types of literature and to learn new research techniques. In grades two through six the focus of the library curriculum is information management, which includes the development of search strategies, interpretation and evaluation of information, and instruction on the use of electronic and print reference sources.

The Storybook Room

The picture book, early nonfiction, and easy reader collections live in the enchanted "forest" of our Storybook Room, a place that truly invites children to spread out on the carpeted floor with an array of classic and current picture books.

The room’s "amphitheater" seating makes for an enjoyable story time, and this space is often a perfect spot for reader’s theater, book sharing, and visiting storytellers.

The storybook room contains 7,000 fiction, non-fiction and easy reader books. Each year new titles are added. A special display showcase in the Library's entrance features new acquisitions and themed collections related to holidays, curricular subjects or recent favorites.

The Main Reading Room

Older students can select from over 4,000 chapter books and over 6,500 non-fiction titles in the main reading room of our library.

Students, parents and CEE staff curl up on cozy couches, spread out their research material on our study tables, wander through the stacks, and enjoy the sweeping view of the Hollywood Hills.

Reveta’s book club meets here throughout the year to discuss recent parenting titles. Our library staff can provide guidance to locating material in the collection and are happy to suggest just the book that will suit a particular student.

The Adult Collection

Where does a parent deprived of sleep go to get the latest research and advice about children's sleep disorders? To the CEE parenting collection, of course. Our Library's Adult Collection houses the latest titles about every aspect of child rearing, family issues, what's just happened developmentally and what's coming up. Teachers, too, find valuable information for teaching and child development. Our large collection of bibliographies provide the CEE community with recommended reading on every topic from divorce to fostering resilience to coping with loss.

Reference and Research

In addition to reference books and encyclopedias, the CEE Library is the center of online research. Fifteen computers, four printers and a Smart board serve as a classroom for the information skills curriculum taught by our librarian. The CEE community can access World Book Encyclopedia online, as well as three online subscription databases which provide access to a number of full text periodicals. Teachers use this resource for professional development and technology training.

Illustration Collection

CEE's Library is also home to a special collection that makes books come alive. Over the years, graduating classes have donated to the school original illustrations and prints from beloved children's books. Memorable characters such as Taxi Dog and a plate of Green Eggs and Ham teach children that illustration is an art form in itself, one that's as fun to look at as the books they represent.