Family Charter Night Brings RULER Social-Emotional Approach Home

Deep into our work on emotional intelligence at CEE, we all understand that feelings matter. They drive our actions, learning, friendships, relationships, and well being.
As a school, we know how important our work on emotional intelligence is during the school day and we wanted to help bridge this learning to the home. We also know that it takes conversation, work, and a lot of hard work to truly improve the emotional climate of the home. The RULER Committee strived to provide/facilitate this for families by launching the first Family Charter Night at CEE this October!

We created Family Charter Night to provide families with an opportunity to come together to talk about how they want to feel at home and how to get there. Families came together and created Family Charters (agreements or pacts about how they want to feel at home), just as all classrooms do at The Center.

In order to create their charters, families went through the following exercises. First, they answered the question: How do you want to feel when you are together as a family? Some answers included safe, happy, respected, playful, and heard. 

Next, they answered: How can we make sure we have these families? Families listed examples like listening to each other, giving each other hugs, and helping each other with chores. 

Finally, they asked themselves: What do we do when conflicts arise? Strategies included taking a deep breath and pausing before reacting, assuming best intentions, checking in and apologizing when we have done something wrong, and always remember the love. 

Families had many beautiful, meaningful conversations as they created Charters. They will hang them on their walls to refer to during happy times and when problems arise. It was a beautiful bustling community event; it was a time for busy families to pause, check in with each other, and enjoy each other as a supportive and caring community.