Mindfulness in the Classroom

Watch fourth grade teacher Diana Pesin describe how she employs mindfulness techniques in her classroom in this video from Fly Five.

As Diana explains, "Mindfulness is an important skill that students (and teachers) can use to manage stress and practice self-control. In fourth grade, we practice mindfulness in various ways, from taking deep breaths to mindful coloring. After loud and energetic play during lunch and recess each day, we have a few minutes of Quiet Time to bring our energy down. This is a great time to practice mindfulness. As an Ambassador for the Fly Five social-emotional curriculum, I place a high value on mindfulness as a practice in classrooms. "

Fly Five is a kindergarten to eighth grade social and emotional learning curriculum developed on the core belief that, in order for students to be academically, socially, and behaviorally successful in, out of, and beyond school, they need to learn a set of social and emotional competencies, namely cooperation, assertiveness, responsibility, empathy, and self-control (C.A.R.E.S.).

Teachers help students employ mindfulness skills throughout each grade level at CEE.
The Center for Early Education, a socio-economically and culturally diverse independent school for children, toddlers through grade six, strives to graduate students who are joyful, resilient, lifelong learners. The Center embraces a philosophy of education that combines a nurturing, inclusive learning environment with an increasingly challenging academic program that addresses the developmental needs of each child.