Art Fair and Art on Loan Program

Each spring, every Elementary student exhibits a piece of art in our annual Art Fair. Visitors often comment on the sophistication of the student work. Following the Fair, students are invited to loan their art to the school for the year, where it is displayed across campus in hallways, classrooms, and offices.

"Wake Up and Dream"

The Center unveiled a public art installation in March 2018 by artist Friedrich Kunath which prominently incorporates work inspired by Center students. The mixed-media installation, Wake Up and Dream, is available for public viewing at street level on the corner of La Cienega Boulevard and Melrose Avenue and was designed for dedication to the City of West Hollywood Urban Art Program.

Center students worked with Kunath to inspire a series of original emojis. Then, the students led a campus-wide vote to select emojis to include in the installations. The work creates a striking visual along La Cienega, utilizing styrofoam, aqua resin, gesso, glass, acrylic and latex paint, and neon glass bulbs to portray the dream-like state between sleep and wakefulness. The sculptural elements, including a bird wearing shoes and a large hand holding a rainbow, inject the unfamiliar into the familiar. These objects seem to belong anywhere and nowhere at the same time like the “otter playing with a tennis ball” or “cloud with a cloud beard” emojis inspired by the students. Learn more in the video below.

Windows on West Hollywood

CEE is fortunate to share its three large display windows at the intersection of La Cienega Boulevard and Melrose Avenue with the community. This ongoing program, called Windows on West Hollywood (WoW), showcases the visual artwork of children from a variety of organizations serving the families of West Hollywood and Los Angeles.

With thousands of people passing by each day, the window display area on the ground floor of CEE is the perfect venue for sharing the talents of the city’s young artists. WoW offers a special opportunity for schools and organizations without prominent display locations of their own to share children’s accomplishments and foster a connection with the community. Generous funding from the Frederick R. Weisman Philanthropic Foundation and the City of West Hollywood Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission has helped make WoW possible.

For information about how your school or organization can display children's artwork with WoW, contact Katrina at
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