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Admissions Welcome

Deedie Hudnut, Director of Admissions

Thank you for your interest in The Center for Early Education. Each year, as we embark on our admissions process, we consider the values to which we are committed by our mission:

We take the admissions process very seriously. Our goal is to give every applicant family the opportunity to learn as much as they wish about our school and to have all of their questions answered. We also know that we are responsible for admitting students who represent as close to the full spectrum of the population of the Los Angeles area as possible.

At the same time, we try to be honest about the far-reaching realities of choosing an independent education: the needs of each child, financial commitments, time commitments, and the parents’ willingness to put their child’s education first in their family’s life.

The Center’s mission clearly states our commitment to diversity of all kinds. Therefore in the admissions process we must consider balancing each class with ethnic diversity, economic diversity, diverse learning styles, as well as boys and girls. And of course diversity implies a community-wide devotion to inclusion. We want to be sure every Center family feels at home on-campus and within the community of the school. That's why we are committed to a financial aid program that includes not just tuition assistance, but also assistance with other costs such as After-School Programs, pizza lunches, and tickets for our annual Gala.

Our focus is not just on academic growth and excellence, but also on a child’s emotional and social growth. Our students leave here with a sense of self-esteem, resiliency, respect for others, and a commitment to the community beyond the school. To us, love of learning is perhaps the most important outcome of the Center experience.

We also care about you, as an applicant family, and about your child. If you decide to apply to The Center, we hope that you will find us available, able to answer your questions, and understanding of your goals for your child’s education.

We hope to make your application as straightforward as possible. Explore our website for more information. Go to the Admissions Process page to find out how to apply. Please note that the process varies by age group.

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2019-2020 Toddler through Kindergarten Programs, but please call if you're interested in 1st-6th grade. Applications for all grades for the 2020-2021 year will be available starting at noon on July 10, 2019.

Once you apply, you will be invited to an Open House and tour of the school. These take place from September through January.

We hope you will get to know our community during this process so that you can decide if the Center is a good match for your child and family. The Assistant Director of Admissions, Lindsay Watson, and I look forward to meeting you at an Open House and working with you throughout the coming year.

Deedie Hudnut
Director of Admissions