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Upper Elementary (4-6)

Independence, self awareness, understanding various perspectives: these important developmental goals all blossom throughout the upper elementary years. Students are challenged to think analytically and creatively as the curriculum deepens and connections are made across the disciplines. Children learn how to manage their time for both short term and long term assignments as they develop their study skills and organizational skills. Achievement grades as well as effort grades are given in the four core subjects of Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Fifth and sixth grade students attend one parent conference each year so that they can join in on the discussion of what they are doing to support their own learning.

Now at the age where they are reading to learn, the students explore how to clearly and fully express themselves in written, oral, and artistic forms. In science and math they learn to observe, collect, apply, and evaluate data to solve problems. In social studies they collaborate with others through projects and service learning experiences in order to begin to develop a historical perspective and understand how the decisions they make can affect the lives of others. Our 1:1 laptop program enables our upper elementary students to reach beyond the knowledge gleaned from teachers and textbooks and evaluate for themselves the tremendous amount of information that is now accessible to them. We want our students to be able to create and navigate learning networks in safe, effective, and ethical ways.

Our specialist classes enrich and extend our upper elementary students’ daily experience. The children look forward to their weekly visit to our expansive library. Art and music classes are attended twice a week in our six-day rotation whereas science and physical education classes are attended three times a week.

It is hard to say farewell to our sixth graders upon their graduation, but they are well prepared and ready to continue their self-exploration as learners and young adolescents within their new middle school environments.