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STEAM Festival

Please join us for the 2nd Annual CEE STEAM Festival on April 11 from 5-7PM!

Join us at CEE for over 30 interactive activities, exhibits, and demonstrations at the 2nd Annual CEE STEAM Festival! Activities and demos will take place across campus including in the Gym, Community Center, Innovation Center, and Rooftop.

Students must be accompanied by a parent during the festival.

Festival Details
  • Free day care for CEE students will be available until 5pm on the 12th
  • Festival is for CEE families only
  • Adult supervision is required during the festival
  • Activities will be available for children EC-6th Grade
  • Some workshops require sign up (see below)
  • Parking is very limited in the neighborhood so please leave extra time and carpool or ride share.
What does STEAM stand for? Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics

I have more questions, who should I contact? Matt Arguello at arguellom@cee-school.org

STEAM Festival Activities

Please see below for a current list of activities for the 2019 STEAM Festival!

"Learn How Our Brains Learn" by AdaptED Consultants requires sign up. Please see below.

STEAM Book LibraryCheck out all the cool books on STEAM in the CEE Library!
Math Activity/Game AreaTest your math skills with some interactive family games.
C4 Scratch ArcadeExperience C4's Scratch coding projects that use the interactive Makey Makey kits.
3D Printing DemoHave you ever wondered how a 3D printed works? Check out this live demo and try out 3D design software.
3D Modeling and Design ProcessCEE Parent Sean Brosmith demonstrates his CAD modeling process for designing beautiful products for the fragrance industry.
Ice Cream MakingTry out this fun and quick way to make ice cream using only a few ingredients.
Scribble BotsTry your hand at building a Scribble Bot that creates art using simple circuitry, motors, and craft materials.
VR Demo Visit the Innovation Center studio to jump into a VR simulation.
Laparoscopic TrainerTry your hand at a laparoscopic trainer surgeons use to perfect and practice their surgical technique. Hosted by CEE parent, Dr. Anne Lin.
C6 Cardboard Carnival Games

Test your skill at 6th Grade's Carnival Games.

Wind TunnelCan you build something that floats in the wind tunnel? What happens when you add weight or a new piece?
Gardening with RogerUse your gardening skills and take home a potted creation.
C5 Robot Petting ZooInteract with 5th Grade's robotic creatures they designed, built, and programmed.

Color Mixing

Experiment with mixing basic colors to create new shades.

C6 World Architecture Project

View 6th Grade's stunning miniature, 3D-printed, architecture from around the world.

Can Mushrooms Save the World?

Take a closer look at the world's "natural internet" aka mycelium and their fruiting bodies, mushrooms. Learn about some ways that fungi are being used to save the Earth from environmental destruction.

LEGO ZiplineBuild a LEGO creation that speeds down the zipline!

Shadow PuppetsCreate a story using shadow puppets that we have and then make a shadow puppet yourself.

Workshop Registration

Let's Learn About Our Amazing, Adaptable Brain! with AdaptED Consultants

Do you think that with practice, you could ride a backwards bike or cook brownies with goggles that make the world look upside down? The answer is yes! Neuroscientists now know that your brain, the one in each of our heads, is extremely adaptable.

In this 30-minute session we give a brief overview of the wiring of the brain, do an experiment together that demonstrates plasticity (the neuroscientist’s word for change), and discuss what initial failure means from the point of view of the pathways in our brain. (Hint: if you are learning something truly new you are expected to fail the first time!)

Not only is learning about the brain fascinating, research shows that understanding this science can inform our everyday experiences and generate motivation and passion about learning.

Sign Up

Registration is required. Parents and students will participate in these workshops together.

Who are adaptED Consultants? adaptED Consultants are a team of neuroscientists and educators who provide innovative and empowering educational programming. The team will help you develop your own brain-based “best practices” so that your learning community can live up to its greatest potential.