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STEAM Festival

Please join us for the 1st Annual CEE STEAM Festival on April 12th from 5-7PM!

Join us at CEE for over 30 interactive activities, exhibits, and demonstrations at the 1st Annual CEE STEAM Festival! Activities and demos will take place across campus including in the New Gym, Community Center, Innovation Center, and Rooftop.

Students must be accompanied by a parent during the festival.

Festival Details
  • Free day care for CEE students will be available until 5pm on the 12th
  • Festival is for CEE families only
  • Adult supervision is required during the festival
  • Activities will be available for children EC-6th Grade
  • Some workshops require sign up - please see below
  • Bring your own picnic! Enjoy a twilight picnic on the Building L Rooftop during the festival.
  • Parking is very limited in the neighborhood so please leave extra time and carpool or ride share.
What does STEAM stand for? Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics

I have more questions, who should I contact? Matt Arguello at arguellom@cee-school.org

STEAM Festival Activities

"Learn How Our Brains Learn" by AdaptED Consultants requires sign up. Please see below.

STEAM Book LibraryCheck out all the cool books on STEAM in the CEE Library!
Math Activity/Game AreaTest your math skills with interactive games
Scratch ArcadeExperience C4's Scratch coding projects that use the interactive Makey Makey kits
3D Printing DemoHave you ever wondered how a 3D printed works? Check out this live demo and try out 3D design software.
Scratch Jr. PlaygroundDrop in to have fun with the Scratch Jr. app to program sprites and tell a story.
LittleBits ChallengesUse LittleBits modular electronics to create an invention or try one of the challenges.
Knitting with NatalieLearn simple knitting techniques with Natalie. Great for younger students!
Scribble BotsTry your hand at building a Scribble Bot that creates art using simple circuitry, motors, and craft materials.
Kaleidoscope BuildingExperiment with light by building a kaleidoscope!
Windward Students DemoExplore Windward students' cool work
Vahan & Anoush Chamlian Armenian School - Makey MakeyCheck out advanced Makey Makey projects from the Chamlian Armenian School!
The Sun Rises & Sets on the CenterWhat if you could zoom out to see what the sun looks like shining on Earth?
Bones and OrgansCan you identify the different human bones and organs? Give it a shot with our school nurse!
How Sunscreen WorksExperiment with how sunscreen works to protect us from harmful UV rays
Virtual Reality DemoVisit the Innovation Center to try out Google Earth on VR.
Pixsweet 3D Printed Ice PopsWhat if you could 3D print ice pops? Learn about the Pixsweet company's latest innovation.
Wind TunnelCan you build something that floats in the wind tunnel? What happens when you add weight or a new piece?
VEX Robotics ArenaTest your skills in the robotics arena.
Gardening with RogerLearn about tending your own garden!
Culinary KidsNo-bake brownies are easy to make, very healthy, and of course, super yummy! We will be talking about the importance of a balanced, nutritional diet when it comes to fueling our bodies and the importance of eating everything in moderation.

Magnetism & Conductivity with Parker Anderson

Build a Conductivity Meter: A simple, homemade conductivity tester can be fabricated from a dry-cell battery, three pieces of wire, and a light bulb. We will also be using ferro fluid to learn about magnetism.

C5 Robot Petting Zoo

Interact with 5th Grade's robotic creatures they designed, built, and programmed.

Sound Explorations

Explore how guitarist Tom Morello creates his signature sounds and play around with his awesome gear.

No-bake Brownie Bites

These delicious treats are easy to make, very healthy, and of course, super yummy! We will be talking about the importance of a balanced, nutritional diet when it comes to fueling our bodies.
Shadow Puppets

Create a story using shadow puppets that we have and then make a shadow puppet yourself.
Color Mixing

Experiment with mixing basic colors to create new shades.

Mobius StripLearn about the mathematical concept of the Mobius strip and how to create your own.

Workshop Registration

Learn How our Brains Learn with AdaptED Consultants

Like all organs of the body our brain is made up cells. These cells are called neurons and the root of all learning comes from changes in the connections between neurons. Scientists call these changes Neuroplasticity.

In this 30 minute session we will see a demonstration of neuroplasticity and do an art project to learn the anatomy of a neuron and model how learning happens in our brains. Understanding this science can inform our everyday experiences and generate motivation and passion about learning.

Four 30-minute sessions will be held in the Innovation Center during the STEAM festival. Registration is required; please sign up here. Parents and students will participate in these workshops together.

Sign Up

Who are adaptED Consultants? adaptED Consultants are a team of neuroscientists and educators who provide innovative and empowering educational programming. The team will help you develop your own brain-based “best practices” so that your learning community can live up to its greatest potential.