Campus Reentry Planning

The 2020-2021 school year began in August in a fully remote model in response to Governor Gavin Newsom’s July 17, 2020 announcement and the subsequent Blueprint specifically addressing school openings.
While we have embraced the opportunity to launch our fully redesigned Remote Learning Program that meets our educational goals and developed an extremely robust slate of virtual programs encouraging the adults in our community to grow together even while we are physically apart, we have remained focused on developing plans to bring our students back on campus safely as soon as possible. We will come back in a way
that is reflective of our mission and core values, and responsive to scientific and health department guidance as well as state and local guidelines.

Throughout this period of remote instruction, we have been hard at work making the campus as safe as it can be for our community. We consulted and collaborated with advisory and working committees specifically created to monitor and analyze developments, design and implement plans, and oversee and manage implementation. During this time without students on campus, we have also taken the opportunity with faculty and staff working on campus to acclimate to the changes and provide meaningful feedback, so that adults on campus are confident and practiced in these on the new protocols, systems, and technology.
We appreciate your trust and your commitment to keeping our community safe.

We are counting on your flexibility and understanding as we anticipate we will need both! And finally, we look forward to seeing you back on campus working together with us to ensure the health and safety of our wonderful community.

Parents, please log in to your CEE account for the latest reentry planning information and forms.
The Center for Early Education, a socio-economically and culturally diverse independent school for children, toddlers through grade six, strives to graduate students who are joyful, resilient, life-long learners. The Center embraces a philosophy of education that combines a nurturing, inclusive learning environment with an increasingly challenging academic program that addresses the developmental needs of each child.