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Latest Updates

December 5, 2018

Last week we hosted open CEE community discussions with our Landscape Architect, Brent Jacobson of Rios Clementi Hale, and Architect, Jim Favaro regarding the landscaping program for the campus upon completion in January of 2020.

In addition to detailing the development of the plan, Brent and Jim answered parent questions regarding the turf field and shade plans for the completed project.

The parents attending the sessions were quite pleased with the product chosen for the turf, which is manufactured in the USA, does not contain the pellet infill, and has a very high quality feel as compared to older local fields with which many parents and students have had experience.

Also of note is that in addition to our planned installation of a shade covering over the lunch dining and serving areas on the LaCienega roof during winter break this year, our team is studying the feasibility of creating shade areas for the rooftop play yard on the Clinton building.

View the latest air quality report


  • To date, MATT has placed 3,400 cubic yards of concrete on the Clinton building structure.
  • The Clinton building structure is made from 360 tons of structural steel.
  • The Clinton site received almost 2" of rain in November, and the crew was able to work through due to the installation of temporary drains throughout the building site that diverted rain water.

Summer 2018 Timelapse