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Latest Updates

June 15, 2018

Over the summer the construction activity will be kicked into high gear as we work to accomplish many major tasks that are best accomplished when there are fewer or no students on campus. Here is a snapshot of what to expect:

  • Building C Elevator Inaccessible- as you may recall, our Building C elevator service has been hit and miss, due to the age and type of elevator. Over the summer, we will be rebuilding the elevator and bringing it more in line with the elevators we have in the new construction. As a result, the Building C elevator will not be in service starting on Monday as we have a tight time frame in order to complete the modernization by the fall. Remember- now that we have the LaCienega Bulding elevator, you can use it to access all of the floors in Building C (except the garage)
  • Building C Garage Inaccessible- Over the summer, the construction crews will be working in and around the Building C garage and rather than have it open intermittently, we are just going to allow them to have full access to it so that they can complete as much of their work as possible. Please only use the Building B garage entrance over the summer.
  • Concrete Pour for 1st Floor of Clinton Building- in the next couple of weeks, the crew will pour the concrete for the first floor. This is an exciting milestone that will make way for the steel erection of the entire building, which is also projected to be completed this summer!
  • Gym repainting- we have received a lot of feedback on the color of the gym walls in the new gym, and over the summer we plan to repaint the walls!
  • Speaker system upgrades- having used the new gym successfully for a few events this year, we have discovered that it would be beneficial to install speakers on the second floor of the LaCienega Building so that we can fully and seamlessly project the sound from the gym to the viewing deck. We plan to accomplish this over the summer as well.
  • Painting Exterior of Building C- we also plan to paint the exterior of Building C so that it is better integrated with the LaCienega building.
These are a few of the things that will take place over the summer that you will see when you return in the fall.


  • Constructing the LaCienega building required 2,742 cubic yards of concrete at 4,000 pounds per cubic yard!
  • Constructing the Clinton building will require about 1,450 cubic yards of concrete at 4,000 pounds per cubic yard!
  • The LaCienega Building also included 420 tons of structural iron, and the Clinton Building will include 360 tons of structural steel.
  • The first column in the LaCienega building was placed on March 1, 2017
  • The school's de-watering system is pumping 250 gallons of water from the settling tank on the site every 5 minutes (3,000 gallons per hour; 72,000 gallons per day)