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Latest Updates

February 1, 2019

On the Clinton site, MATT crews are putting the final touches on steel framing and actually beginning drywall and glass installation. With inclement weather expected to continue this week, MATT is taking extra steps to ensure that the site is protected. To date, they have been successful in moving along as scheduled, without the rain impacting the progress significantly.

On February 4, following the State of the School meeting, parents will be welcome to tour the construction site. For this occasion, the crews will delay starting work until 10:00 am to allow parents access.

Exploration continues on roof top shade options for both the LaCienega and Clinton buildings, with a view toward incorporating shade on both rooftops over the summer of 2019.

View the latest air quality report


  • On Friday, January 4, we had 110 construction workers on site... a record number for our project!
  • To date, MATT has placed 3,400 cubic yards of concrete on the Clinton building structure.
  • The Clinton building structure is made from 360 tons of structural steel.
  • The Clinton site received almost 2" of rain in November, and the crew was able to work through due to the installation of temporary drains throughout the building site that diverted rain water.

Summer 2018 Timelapse