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EC1 and EC2

Appropriate for children ages three to four years old, our EC1 Program offers a choice of half-day and full-day options. Our EC2 Program for children ages four to five is a full-day experience. Each classroom, composed of 22 children and three teachers, includes indoor and outdoor experiences organized around learning centers and themes which change throughout the year.

Goals of the Early Childhood Curriculum include developing self-esteem, motor skills, creativity, self-mastery, and autonomy; helping the child with gradual separation; and developing skills in language and communication, socialization, logical and sequential thinking, literacy, and mathematical concepts.

As integral components of each Early Childhood classroom, learning centers offer developmentally appropriate opportunities for children to interact with each other, with materials, and with concepts and ideas. These centers include block building, dramatic play, science, music, manipulatives, sensory motor, art, library, language arts, computers, math, and cooking. Large and small group activities also include story time, movement, music, and library.

EC1 Program

Our EC1 program is for children between three and four years old and offers half-day and full-day options. Indoor and outdoor experiences are organized around learning centers or areas of the classroom and on the yard that define a special focus or activity for children to experience, including blocks, dramatic play, language and literacy, science, fine-motor skills, and edible gardens. Small and large group activities also include story time, movement, music, and library. Children must be three years old by July 1.

EC2 Program

Our EC2 program is for children between four and five years old and is a full-day program. The program builds upon the skills introduced in the EC1 program. Service learning continues as part of the curriculum with the addition of off-campus field trips.